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News - 06.11.2013

Læs om vores anden oplægsholder på fredag – David Dencker fra Muuse


David Dencker is the co-founder and CEO of MUUSE. MUUSE launched in 2011 and is a platform that turns the most promising new designers into commercial brands.

Davids talk will focus on the challenges new designers face when they try to start their own brand and how MUUSE is addressing them. David will draw from his background in co-creation and tell the story of how MUUSE is becoming the fashion industry’s talent factory.

MUUSE is an international fashion label that produces collections with some of the best design talents around the world, to bring visionary fashion to your wardrobe.

Based in Copenhagen, Muuse collaborate each season with respected scouts and tastemakers in fashion capitals from Tokyo to London, to select a small number of international talents.

In collaboration with the designers, Muuse develop and produce collections in limited editions. The aim is to combine the passion for quality with great design talent, to develop unique pieces that will be treasured for years to come.

Muuse believe the future of fashion is designer pieces in small editions, made to last.

David Dencker. Direktør i Crossroad Innovation

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