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News - 11.04.2014

Mød Sedge Beswick til HSF-konference

Under INTERNETWEEK DENMARK præsenterer HEADSTART FASHION i samarbejde med DM&T og CBC/VIA konferencen “Sociale medier i modebranchen”.

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Executive-level conference on how social media can drive innovation and growth.

Conference program:

Stefan Lindegaard – Internationally acclaimed author, speaker and strategic advisor on open innovation, innovation culture and communication for innovators. Stefan has given talks on open innovation and worked with major corporations across Europe, the US, South America and Asia.

Sedge Beswick – Global Social Media Manager at Asos, the global fashion giant that is currently winning the fashion race in seven territories, including the US, Australia and numerous European countries. Apart from leading the way with all things social, Sedge is a much sought-after speaker on the benefits of using social media for brand building.

Uffe Burchard – Uffe Buchard is a creative director, publisher, writer and fashion-stylist-turned-media-personality. He is also a recent social media convert and Instagram aficionado. On stage with Uffe will be a representative of a Danish fashion brand that has successfully adopted social media to foster relationships, advocate the brand and boost sales.

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